Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Tough Life I Seek

Its the tough life I seek
The pain, torture, and agony
Where fortune seems bleak
And the sorrow is deeper in me

Why should I do this?
Engage in the terrible straits
The narrow road of crisis
Determined by the Fates

Dredging through the mud
Emboldens my resolve
And boils my cry for blood
Barriers beware of ensuing dissolve

In this dark, harrowing time
My true self discovery occurs
Ripped away from what is sublime
This concoction begins to slowly stir

Fermented in the shaded shadows
A phoenix starts to emerge
The fiery flow beckons and bellows
My power soon converges

What is this you see?
It is the reversal of direction
Lifted up from changing seas
Cleansed of the failure distortion

You see the tough life I seek
Is only but for an mild instant
The lesson learned in meek
Forever rises in changes fervent

The new self that rises
Points a new direction of North
The strength of character surprises
Forward and further comes forth

The time away in somber silence
Stews the mind courageously anew
It grows in strict, incorrigible confidence
Becoming a light, airy, and vibrant hue

The change is nearly complete
My story makes a transition
A new challenge is here to meet
I seek to amplify with distinction

Its the tough life I seek
The pain, torture, and agony
Where misfortune is bleak
And the joy is deeper in me.

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