Friday, February 14, 2014

You Are My Everything, My All

Through the thick and thin
In the rough, tumbling thicket
Mighty seas have brought their very best
But nothing could break this bond
Standing tall on the mighty rock
Jutting out boastfully against unruly waves
Piercing the fog even on the darkest night

Yet gentle and calm in your embrace
Enveloping my soul with such sweetness
I surrender my all to thee assuredly
You provide the shine that sparks my life
The smile that nestles my weary spirit
Igniting the indescribable feeling
Surely an awesome joy and happiness

Though this day is a reminder for us
It should not be special for today only
Everyday is significant, important
With the simple touch of your caress
You flavor my life with the utmost beauty
Catalyzing the strength of our perpetual bond
Advancing, progressing us forward forever

Oh I am blessed, so very blessed
That I laid those first links of love
Years ago at an event of great responsibility
A seed planted in great friendship and comedy
Those first heart tugs and strings
Kindling the flame ever so tenderly
Becoming burnished in a blaze of enchantment

You empower me into who I am today
Like the North Star on a cold, dark night
Evoking the best in all that I do always
Because it comes from your joyful spirit
Dear friend and my sweet, precious love
You are everything, my all.

--Dedicated to my wife on February 14, 2014

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