Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Tough Life I Seek

Its the tough life I seek
The pain, torture, and agony
Where fortune seems bleak
And the sorrow is deeper in me

Why should I do this?
Engage in the terrible straits
The narrow road of crisis
Determined by the Fates

Dredging through the mud
Emboldens my resolve
And boils my cry for blood
Barriers beware of ensuing dissolve

In this dark, harrowing time
My true self discovery occurs
Ripped away from what is sublime
This concoction begins to slowly stir

Fermented in the shaded shadows
A phoenix starts to emerge
The fiery flow beckons and bellows
My power soon converges

What is this you see?
It is the reversal of direction
Lifted up from changing seas
Cleansed of the failure distortion

You see the tough life I seek
Is only but for an mild instant
The lesson learned in meek
Forever rises in changes fervent

The new self that rises
Points a new direction of North
The strength of character surprises
Forward and further comes forth

The time away in somber silence
Stews the mind courageously anew
It grows in strict, incorrigible confidence
Becoming a light, airy, and vibrant hue

The change is nearly complete
My story makes a transition
A new challenge is here to meet
I seek to amplify with distinction

Its the tough life I seek
The pain, torture, and agony
Where misfortune is bleak
And the joy is deeper in me.

Friday, February 14, 2014

You Are My Everything, My All

Through the thick and thin
In the rough, tumbling thicket
Mighty seas have brought their very best
But nothing could break this bond
Standing tall on the mighty rock
Jutting out boastfully against unruly waves
Piercing the fog even on the darkest night

Yet gentle and calm in your embrace
Enveloping my soul with such sweetness
I surrender my all to thee assuredly
You provide the shine that sparks my life
The smile that nestles my weary spirit
Igniting the indescribable feeling
Surely an awesome joy and happiness

Though this day is a reminder for us
It should not be special for today only
Everyday is significant, important
With the simple touch of your caress
You flavor my life with the utmost beauty
Catalyzing the strength of our perpetual bond
Advancing, progressing us forward forever

Oh I am blessed, so very blessed
That I laid those first links of love
Years ago at an event of great responsibility
A seed planted in great friendship and comedy
Those first heart tugs and strings
Kindling the flame ever so tenderly
Becoming burnished in a blaze of enchantment

You empower me into who I am today
Like the North Star on a cold, dark night
Evoking the best in all that I do always
Because it comes from your joyful spirit
Dear friend and my sweet, precious love
You are everything, my all.

--Dedicated to my wife on February 14, 2014

Thursday, February 06, 2014

What counts is the positive sum

You can't ever go back to before
Time changes too rapidly
Before you know, it soon approaches
Tomorrow is here now quickly

You're glad the the worse is gone
But at the same time previously
Gone also was the sense of bliss
Oh how time flies so mischievously

Yearning for joy in the ever present
Disparaging pain somehow seeps through
Present pleasure vanishes abruptly
Replaced with despair tinged in a dark hue

Indeed its a roller coaster journey
What dreams may not come
Journey forward nevertheless
What counts is the positive sum.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Who knew it was to be...

Who knew it was to be
The time was at a definite hand
A reckoning massive in display
Revealing an ordeal un-grand

The issues do remain
Troublesome disparity it'll be
A house laid waste ill-fame
In gruesome, macabre territory

Mud-slings and the dirt
Abhor the mirror-face
Prodding a need to cleanse
For mercy, penance and grace

The time is ever-present now
As it was in the persistent past 
To brush the dirt off the shoulders
And raise a tall, devout mast

Reinvention beckons a will
Set sail to the North my friend
To let it it loose unabridged again
Maybe its intervention, a God-send

The sludge grudge may bellow
Fastening like murky quicksand
But it hasn't even a chance
To capture this feature brand

Always forward and more
Heartfelt gusto unforsaken
Onward ho to the promised land
A change in the making

And here we go my friend
Are you ready for the journey
Who knew it was to be
Revealing an unknown entity.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

His eyes gaze out to the crowd.

Emotions ravage the landscape
Who could have known of this
It was predicted ages ago
Planned and rethought sincerely
Over and over again

The moment breaks loose
Chaos and its devious minions
Turn loose the shift in scenery
Effortlessly and with a thrust
The fire consumes the environs

In joyful cautious tones
Through the fire and definite fury
Silence seeps in through the cracks
The dark turns into bight lights
All pain clears the anxious room

The waiting period simply vanishes
Instantly back into its darkened corners
Like cracking a well-worn whip
A thunderous cry reverberates
Clapping vigor through the clouds

I could not believe mine own eyes
All glory be on High
Envisioned in numerous dreams
My world changes forever
Comfort soothes the heart and soul

Peace envelopes the crowded room
My calm demeanor returns
This day has been a courageous trial
Stormy seas now cease and desist
His eyes gaze out to the crowd.