Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Night is calling to me

Night is calling to me
Whispers blow in the wind
Weak and weary is my body
Yet the sound is relentless, piercing
It pursues the innermost thoughts
And pervades my inner sanctum

What words are these?
A message knifes through the fog
Like a surgical strike 
Pinpoint to the nth degree
Quiet the dark may be
But the mind is set ablaze 

Unclear am I to its meaning
Fearful of where it might lead
The unknown strikes a dissonance
Tangled and tossed in darkness
Confused at the unease
Unprepared for the Revelation

My physicality wants it to turn off
The mind can't help but listen
And the soul is its catalyst
Forces beyond my comprehension
Controlling the mode of thought
Persuading me closer to the call

Just when I finally thought
I got the harmony synthesized
The melody skips a disdainful beat 
Dark night switches the tune
The sun shutters the shadows
And I am awake to a different rhythm.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Searching, Yearning

I'm searching, yearning
Looking for inspiration
In the complacent dark
For that spark of vision

Its all grey and foggy
Not even the faintest light
Struggling and sluggish
A whimper not even might

I'm weak and worn
Needing rejuvenation
Just shooting blanks
Where's the innovation?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Just Fine

The embers fade slowly
Nightfall brings an uneasy calm
Curtains veil the reality
Of the past day's fire alarm

It weighs in the mind heavy
An itch that seems to persist
Discouraging the drive within
Questions thy path to dismiss

Is it fallacy to continue further
Or simply a pause in the display
Daylight disrupts the dew-fall
Time for undone gumption to play

Gather my thoughts and inaction
Courage in the midst of the line
They may fire away effortlessly
I'll face it with a smile just fine.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Avenues and Alleyways

Avenues and alleyways
Decisions clutter the map
A boulevard of broken dreams
In constant, continual loops and laps

The race for the cure
Has no real ending in sight
Tortured souls grimace sorrowfully
Dreaming of a peaceful light

The weight bears down immense
Like a lead foot on a straightaway
You focus desperately, longingly
For the off-ramp to run away

This one-way road trip
Haunts like a desolate island
Never to be discovered nor found
Perpetually a pain to be mired in

Avenues and alleyways
They all lead to one distinct conclusion
Need to escape from restless reality
Into a realm of whimsical illusion.

Friday, April 25, 2014

These Phantoms Besiege Me

These phantoms besiege me
Chasing my every move and position
Under constant continual surveillance
Like closed circuit television
I try to flee
But even before I inch lurching forward
The walls encompass me into darkness
Shackled stuck in a grind
In a flow oh so very burdensome

With all my might I do try
Energy emphasized for the jail break
Alas these bars don't budge at all
I feel trapped
Ever more so and then some
Is this a figment of my imagination
Or is this situation obtrusively real
It's too hazy with the visibility so low

The ghosts of yesteryear
Haunt my worrisome encumbered mind
This mirror needs to be shattered
I must transform
Oh I think I hear their chatter
The footsteps quicken their pace
Surreal or illusion it doesn't matter
 This dark place will not be where I reside
Here in the desert of ill-reputed despair.