Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Night is calling to me

Night is calling to me
Whispers blow in the wind
Weak and weary is my body
Yet the sound is relentless, piercing
It pursues the innermost thoughts
And pervades my inner sanctum

What words are these?
A message knifes through the fog
Like a surgical strike 
Pinpoint to the nth degree
Quiet the dark may be
But the mind is set ablaze 

Unclear am I to its meaning
Fearful of where it might lead
The unknown strikes a dissonance
Tangled and tossed in darkness
Confused at the unease
Unprepared for the Revelation

My physicality wants it to turn off
The mind can't help but listen
And the soul is its catalyst
Forces beyond my comprehension
Controlling the mode of thought
Persuading me closer to the call

Just when I finally thought
I got the harmony synthesized
The melody skips a disdainful beat 
Dark night switches the tune
The sun shutters the shadows
And I am awake to a different rhythm.

1 comment:

rhishabh mishra said...

What a poem. really liked it. It was great. I need your permission to share it to the people.