Friday, April 25, 2014

These Phantoms Besiege Me

These phantoms besiege me
Chasing my every move and position
Under constant continual surveillance
Like closed circuit television
I try to flee
But even before I inch lurching forward
The walls encompass me into darkness
Shackled stuck in a grind
In a flow oh so very burdensome

With all my might I do try
Energy emphasized for the jail break
Alas these bars don't budge at all
I feel trapped
Ever more so and then some
Is this a figment of my imagination
Or is this situation obtrusively real
It's too hazy with the visibility so low

The ghosts of yesteryear
Haunt my worrisome encumbered mind
This mirror needs to be shattered
I must transform
Oh I think I hear their chatter
The footsteps quicken their pace
Surreal or illusion it doesn't matter
 This dark place will not be where I reside
Here in the desert of ill-reputed despair.

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