Wednesday, July 24, 2013

His eyes gaze out to the crowd.

Emotions ravage the landscape
Who could have known of this
It was predicted ages ago
Planned and rethought sincerely
Over and over again

The moment breaks loose
Chaos and its devious minions
Turn loose the shift in scenery
Effortlessly and with a thrust
The fire consumes the environs

In joyful cautious tones
Through the fire and definite fury
Silence seeps in through the cracks
The dark turns into bight lights
All pain clears the anxious room

The waiting period simply vanishes
Instantly back into its darkened corners
Like cracking a well-worn whip
A thunderous cry reverberates
Clapping vigor through the clouds

I could not believe mine own eyes
All glory be on High
Envisioned in numerous dreams
My world changes forever
Comfort soothes the heart and soul

Peace envelopes the crowded room
My calm demeanor returns
This day has been a courageous trial
Stormy seas now cease and desist
His eyes gaze out to the crowd.

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