Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Dreams We Dream

The dreams we dream
Sometimes spark a drive
Such as in a light column beam
Egging us on to take a dive

Liftoff the countdown ends
We arrive at a new doorstep
A tree branch limb extends
Hope spurs from what we've kept

Exploring the new waterway
All caution to the waves
The wind calls us to play
To spelunking in the caves

The cost of opportunity
Is cast away by the wayside
All items are full of possibility
No rules need to abide

Delving deeper into the pools
A phantasmagorical world emerges
Monsters, angels, and even fools
An ethereal picture converges

A far reaching sound pings
Closer to the tower I climb
The audible sound now sings
An awe heavenly sublime

A message is scrawled
Upon a weather-worn scroll
The words etched and crawled
Beckoning my innermost soul

At this most basic elemental altar
Set aside in the darkest hour
A message is meant to halt the falter
Not to be stagnant and cower

It is time indeed
A thunderous clap bellows
The lighting strikes a feed
Zapping the lackluster fellow

Reinvigorated away from the darkness
Forthright in the beauty of this design
Breaking through incorrigible starkness
Drinking of the celebratory wine

The dreams we dream
Sets a positive emotion
The righteous path that we deem
Congruous for zealous devotion.

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