Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Who knew it was to be...

Who knew it was to be
The time was at a definite hand
A reckoning massive in display
Revealing an ordeal un-grand

The issues do remain
Troublesome disparity it'll be
A house laid waste ill-fame
In gruesome, macabre territory

Mud-slings and the dirt
Abhor the mirror-face
Prodding a need to cleanse
For mercy, penance and grace

The time is ever-present now
As it was in the persistent past 
To brush the dirt off the shoulders
And raise a tall, devout mast

Reinvention beckons a will
Set sail to the North my friend
To let it it loose unabridged again
Maybe its intervention, a God-send

The sludge grudge may bellow
Fastening like murky quicksand
But it hasn't even a chance
To capture this feature brand

Always forward and more
Heartfelt gusto unforsaken
Onward ho to the promised land
A change in the making

And here we go my friend
Are you ready for the journey
Who knew it was to be
Revealing an unknown entity.

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