Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Communication Part 2

I am glad that you, my readers, enjoyed the Communication post so much, I would like to share more of our recent conversations. This time however, it is in poetic style. I hope you like it!

My Call:

It is Thursday dear
You have nothing to fear

The tide of time
Slides down sublime

Over the hump
Above the stump

We find ourselves veer
Toward the weekend steer

To play outside
Within us confide

I love you more
More in store

Around the corner
We look to garner

And more fun!

Her Reply:

Today it’s Thursday
Longing we convey

For Friday today
Delusions at play.

My Reply:

These rhymes we play
Are a diversion
For better times
Our immersion

Looking forward to
Tomorrow indeed
This imagination
We vigorously feed

We yearn for Friday
At tomorrow’s end
For the closing time
Our fun weekend!

Her Reply:

Delusion, illusion
Self neuronal medication
Caution on mental preservatives
Overuse could be corrosive

Time allotment freedom
Reward in a lump sum
We sold our eighty hour time
For a weekend and mere dimes


aria said...

heh so sweet!
"She" is so witty.
She wins hands down!
More please :)

Chhaya said...

have u posted it earlier too? it felt kind f familiar!

you are on a roll John :)

Ahsan said...

Conversation in poetic style....new theme. Love to read with new style

Paul T Tran said...

LOL you guys!

You now have high, high expectations of your wedding vows on your special day =P

Yi Mei said...

Aw how sweet. I like reading it as well. Hope all is well buddy. =)

Lydia said...

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