Thursday, May 20, 2010

Too Much Fast

The motor starts
Pedal to the metal
The engine vroom

From silent slumber
Ring Ding Ding
Jump start the day
The door opens fling

The light of morning
Gathers steam
Slow at first
It now brightly beams

Tick tock
The clock stalks
The dial ever so slightly
Then faster it balks

Speeds goes
Faster and faster
On a good pace
Novice to master

Exponents explode
Now its too quick
I'm losing the hold
The grip is slick

The engine goes
Revolutions in red
Brakes become listless
This I'm going to dread

Out of my control
Hanging loose
In stormy winds
Not what I choose

The mess devours
Littered in frustration
The pain towers

No where good
This lack of constraint
Ready myself
About to faint


Fall from grace
All over the place

Too much fast
The engine busts
The wall it smashes
Instantaneously combusts

Time to take the flak
The heat it scours
Heavy on my back.

1 comment:

Crafty Green Poet said...

there's a lot of movement in this poem and justifying it all the the right increases the effect.