Thursday, April 22, 2010


Communication is conveying a message to a particular person. There is art and skill involved to good communication. Some communicate in a detail-oriented manner (which includes myself) while another can try to be quick and succinct (of which sometimes I try horribly). Others can do it with humor and a few express their ideas through fear (such as in dictators).

Earlier this morning, I sent the following message to my finace:

How are you doing my beloved and engaged partner in crime? I hope you slept well and kept warm. I was overheating yesterday so I left to go out and work. By the way, your brother came home yesterday to close an open window in his car and I didn’t know if you saw him. Anyway, have a beautiful day!

Her response was:

Good morning my beloved energy sharing functioning soul. Thank you for your well wishing on my energy balance level maintenance status. I hope you had a good physical maintenance routine. No, I did not see my genetic similar sharing sibling. I hope you have a positive subjective view of the time frame from 8-5pm also.

I thought it was hilarious, but very thoughtful. It is amazing how different people can express the same message in a variety of ways.

Is there any way you can communicate this message differently? It'd be interesting to see how you convey this point or interpret it.

I just wanted to share this quirky conversation I had with my fiance. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you and have a great time.


Yoli said...

I love this! Very funny and witty. Thank you for your posts on my blog about earth day.

aria said...


Ahsan said...

Great start & finisher. I read whole article fluently with lots of passion

Paul T Tran said...

That is 1 of the funniest things I've ever seen come out of your mouth, lol! Love the communication. My communication style is very quick, with not a lot of details - how different you and I are. I could be a little more detailed, but I think you took all of those genes, brother. Anyhow - the initiator of communication always has the power to control the tone. Since you started a funny, lighthearted, compassionate tone, your fiancee had no choice but to respond in the like. LIke how people say "Good Morning" to a stranger in a high-pitched, happy tone - people have no choice but to reciprocate, even if it's not in their nature. Kudos.

Poetikat said...

Hello John!

Thank you for your visits and wonderful comments. (Sadly, the turkey has left our cemetery.)

I've been busy trying to get my book ready for publishing and now I've discovered, so I'm hooked! I hope to get back on track with blogging and visits soon.

You and your fiancee have a sweet rapport.


Rachana said...

Creative and funny :)

Jill said...

Entertaining FOR SURE!
Love it!