Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh Stagnant Sun!

Blazing in the east
It rises to feast

The heat it brings
The sweat clings

A forceful beat
Sticks to your seat

Dry as a bone
Heavy as stone

Water, thirst
Ready to burst

Rays of daggers
Makes me stagger

No leniency
Nor clemency

A merciless tone
It doth condone

The grandeur
No flash of demure

Outright insanity
Proclaims its vanity

It is so hot
Kills my thought

You are not fun
Oh stagnant sun!

It supposed to be the beginning of the fall season. Though I know I live in California, I thought it would begin to get a bit milder. I guess the sun has other plans.


aria said...

vivid expression.. could visualize it.. and then living in my part of the world.. I relate to this :) though its milder for the moment as winters are approaching ..
hope you'd get a respite soon..

Michelle Johnson said...

yes, some days the sun has a mind of its own. hopefully soon it will cool down for you. have a great day.

Jill said...

Whew...I feel the California heat through this piece!
Although we tend to have very hot summers....we did NOT this year...I actually missed it. We are FULL SWING into fall here in the midwest...rain...cooler temps and turning leaves.

Stay cool!

Chhaya said...

its almost like a painting :)

meimei said...

Hehe... It's gonna get cooler.

Chhaya said...

its the day of Dussehra here. the festival of the triumph of good over evil. I pray Ma Durga (our goddess of power and prosperity) for the well being and happiness of you, your family and your friends.

God Bless :)

Ahsan said...

An auspicious day to start with any good work..
It was today that good won victory..
Over bad May this day clear all..
Hurdels of your life and start..
New era of well being
All the best.... !