Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Flu Trap

It starts with a small cough
Innocuously innocent
A small pitiful itch
Nothing but a small dent

The nose begins to drip
Meaninglessly inattentive
A drip and a drop
Spattering without a motive

A quick sneeze
Faint formulation
Tainting just a little
Minor disposition


All hell breaks loose
A cold snap
Aches and pains
The flu trap!


Winter is a nearing
Fall is here
The season of flu
Comes to appear.


Michelle Johnson said...

i sure hope i can skip the flu this time around. it wasn't fun to have earlier this year. stay well. have a great day.

Jill said...

YUK! It seems that people are getting sick left and right! We are trying hard to avoid it...but that is NOT easy!

Take your vitamins!

aria said...
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aria said...

Hmm.. interesting way to describe the approaching season and ailments which accompany the change of climate. stay healthy :)

Ahsan said...

Now a days we shall take cautious step about flu. Hope flu will be removed from all over the world. So we,the world people live happy & peaceful life.

Chhaya said...

it was scary :D

India is still fighting with the swine flu!

PS: take care of urself, wont u? :)

Yi Mei said...

Hope you are well by now. =)

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

Awesome! Nice way to describe the season, with its merits and de-merits.