Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Waiting in Nowhere

Like a Chinese water torture
Drip and drop
My patience wears thin

The clock mocks me
Tick and tock
With its merciless second-hand

Pacing worried
Back and forth
Panicked thoughts of despair

Facing the discordant song
Twang and bang
The ears shutter in pain

Such an impasse in time
Frozen and immobile
Stuck in neutral

In no man's land
Here and there
Frowning at the lack of existence

A bubble encapsulated
Stopped and blocked
Agonizing for an option

An unanswered question
How and why
Waiting in nowhere.

In dedication to those who are waiting for a phone call, a reply from a loved one, in search of themselves and in need of direction as well as those waiting in traffic. A lot of our life is spent waiting and it can often frustrate us. That's the feeling I try to capture here and I hope you like it.


Karen said...

I do like it, John! I feel this so often - here and there, betwixt and between. Love the use of those phrases in this. They express it just right.

Ahsan said...

Sometime waiting is so much boring. But your poem exaggerates it with good themes

Jill said...

Waiting...something that NO ONE can avoid!

Chhaya said...

this came across as an ode to insomina... but it surely can fit the predicament of a person waiting for a phone call..

beautifully written...

Chhaya said...

i have been trying to ask for a long time.. wud u exchange links with me? i actually already have ur link at my blog since forever now :)

i wud love to get some new readers.. fresh set or eyes always make a writer do better..

feel free to say no though. i wont mind. and ur link will still be at my blog..

aria said...

this is so very well captured.. an agonizing wait .. for something or the other ..

Michelle Johnson said...

Hello~ You've captured the angst we all feel at one time or another from waiting, so well. I especially dislike being stuck in traffic. Hope all is well. Have a great day.

Yoli said...

This is great. I enjoyed it immensely and you do not know how much waiting a parent does to be able to adopt, so it is a subject close to home.

Uncommon Sense said...

thts a cool poem,, liked the format

silent storm said...

I'm too impatient, but what else can I do?!?

Sometimes though, I tend to think it's all futile :-(

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

I could relate to this as someone who is awaiting a direction towards life. I always think, is this what I have been born to do? When is it time for me to break free from this bonding and live a life of my own. Very precise and no effort to make it sophisticated, makes this poem leave a mark instantly on its readers.


P.S.: Came here through Chhaya's blog. Visit me sometime. :)