Friday, September 18, 2009

In the Zone

Furious in temperament
I fly fast through the pages
In the zone
Fixated on the goal
The sounds disappear
I see only the light
No impedance
A clear path
Nothing can go wrong
I am here at last
Higher and yet much more
The heart slows down
Time is at a still
Freeze frame
My claim to fame
I go for the kill
The task is finished
The pinnacle is reached


Reality hits with a bang!

Inspired by times when I am living in the moment, carpe diem, achieving the task I set forth without a problem or an obstacle. Oddly enough, time seems so much in a bliss when you're "in the zone." Too bad these times only last for a small part of life at a time. If only we did not get exhausted. Now I must head to bed. Good night!


Michelle Johnson said...

Isn't it wonderful when one reaches their goals of the day? Hope you continue to finish many more. Have a great weekend.

Deborah Godin said...

Some great imagery here, nicely done

aria said...

I am sure I've been 'in the zone' like you .. its a wonderfully profound imagery .. the last line hits you like reality itself ..

Bobbi said...

It's when the reality of the moment that hits that makes the completion all worth the effort. Great imagery.

Jill said...

I too find that being "in the zone" are few and far between...but I relish it when it does, indeed, come upon me!!!!