Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lost in Idiosyncrasy

The murky waters
A litany of pain
Clouds the situation
Confuses my aim

What am I to do
Forced into stupidity
Where have I been
Lost in idiosyncrasy

The fog rolls in
My path it covers
Trivial matters
Darken true colors

I have lost my way
A mind unclear
The wrath devours
I shutter in fear

On a moonless night
Even stars decline
The soul shrieks
No I am not fine

Sorrows litter the path
A train wreak indeed
Faced with hypocrisy
My heart bleeds

A reversal of fortune
Code red alert
The alarm rings true
Trouble I must avert

My heart knows thine
The actions were unkind
Stubborn I was for sure
Loosening the favored bind

I must initiate
Strengthen the hull
Seek purposeful action
Rid of this null

I come to reclaim
A passionate love
One that I once had
That peaceful dove

Then in one fell swoop
Crashing thunder
The ship runs aground
I am thrown under

Is it too late
Not knowing the way
The fate I face
Is here today

Waves crash in
Burying me further
Weight of my sins
Multiplies the blunder

In my pride
I sprung a leak
The truth was blindsided
And I became weak

Anger slights my path
In broken spirits lost
What am I to do
Count the cost?

Sometimes, all we need is time alone to seek the truth. The pain that lives within shows itself in the light. No where to hide and no where to run. It speaks loud and clear. A change of course leaving despair and inaction behind. I seek to travel to new heights of passion and truth. My mind knows the truth and my heart leads the way.


Michelle Johnson said...

so true one's heart will eventually lead the way. well done. have a great day.

Rachana said...

Well thought and well written!

Chhaya said...

i dont know why but i can see you sitting near a river bank as i read this poem. lots of pondering and conflicts... beautifully etched

Ahsan said...

thoughtful & passionate poem

aria said...

deep thoughts and words that stir.. keep following thy heart .. is all I can say..

DubbleX said...

good shit here brother.
thanks for looking out and coming to comment.
rhyming is easy right ?- it's having something meaningful to say that people need or want to hear that's difficult.