Friday, March 27, 2009

Wack Attack

It is all out of wack
I'm having an attack

What should I do
I feel like such a fool

And not prioritized

This is an irritation
A dispiriting indication

A look of ineffectual force
With time it gets worse

Weakness in all limbs
Inaction at whims

Sluggish in motion
Quirky commotion

Anxiety confides within
Can't even grin

Face the music
In need of an analgesic

The pain unbearable
The feeling of terrible

Slumped in my bed
Like I'm ill-fed

Popped some pills
To cure the ills

What is the ailment
That breaks the firmament?

Mangled migraines
Oh what pains

Like a dagger
Makes me stagger

Agitating, pulsating
Back and forth debating

Sharply fierce
A spear to pierce

Then slowly but surely
Numbing eerily

Excedrin does its job
Breaking the weave and bob

A light at the end
On a path to mend

Like heaven sent
No more hell-bent

It was all out of wack
Such a stirring attack.


Bobbi said...

It's a drag to be sick, and you managed to put your ailment into wonderful words.

Lilly said...

Now that was extremely clever and well written. Loved it. BRAVO!!

Ruby said...

I hope you are still writing, i like your poetry!