Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fight of Opportunity

To get to that door
The gates of thy fruit
Through hard labor
And pesky persistence

Only to receive
Not a hearty handshake
Of good fortune
Nor acceptance deserved

Rather at that point
Slammed in your face
This door of opportunity
Before a step convenes

What sorrow must be
The fruits of thy labor
Turned to sour despair
And much angst

Like a dark joke
Directed at one
As others laugh
You cower in silence

Invited to dinner
To eat the scraps
Even dogs disdain
Swallowing wallowing

I could go down
Such a path
After being scratched
From the lineup

But that is not me
Nor should it be you
Times are assuredly tough
Though it is not the end

Though I fell discouraged
Off the ground I go
Dust off the dirt
Move forward soundly

Packed with better tools
Stronger skills
Fiery vengeance
Directed energy

Absolutely with gumption
I shall win definite
I'll break open that door
And take my opportunity

With help from on High
A heart of pure gold
Mind of steel might
I am ready to fight

That is the course
I shall pursue
You should as well
Ready that battle armor

Times are tough
Indeed lamentable
But not pitiful enough
Nor time to be inept

Improve one's agility
Work on your resolve
This fight within in us
Shall succeed courageously

In the end
Through those dark days
You shall look back
Marvel at that slight

Can't get there
If you don't try
Time to go
It is our fight!


Nhy said...

i think the vietnamese community is mostly in charlotte and not so much raleigh/durham area. but i could be wrong.

Bobbi said...

And fight we must, for this one will be a long arduous one. Great write.

Lilly said...

Oh this si so well written, fabulous work! Here is to the good fight!