Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Sun

I know for sure
That you are there
High above
Always fair

Even when
The clouds dismay
Block the view
In dreary gray

I shall not be
Hopelessly dissuaded
I will wait
To be serenaded

With the birds
Your accompaniment
The songs they sing
A virtuous moment

The colors displayed
In pure unison
Brightly shown flowers
A sublime sensation

When you rise
I run and play
Jump freely
In awesome display

When you fall
Asleep in slumber
Too I dream
Of tomorrow's number

What sightly rays
The melodic measures
Will you bring
That I can treasure

Then here you are
Awake I am again
Certainly pleased
Of your choral refrain

Up I go
In delightful mood
You are the best
My spirits renewed.

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Rachana said...

Nice :)