Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Principles and Standards

Living within the principles that one has set up for one's self to me is the highest achievement anyone can reach. It provides with the best joy as the goal that was set previously now has been attained. However when it seems that times are bleak and you falter, there erupts an inherent angst. Why is this so? Is it because you've always been on time and honest to a fault? For me this is exactly how I feel. I hold myself to the highest standard because when I follow the principles I have set forth, I usually attain my goals. I guess that is what I'm so hard on myself. It keeps me sane and even-keel. Sometimes I hold these same principles or standards to others around me resulting in much friction and disgust. This is especially true of the people I care about or love. I guess I hold them to the same "bar" as I am and when they falter, I am disappointed as if I were the one that faltered. I must realize and most of the time I do, that others are not like me. I must be malleable or flexible to their lives and needs. I guess that is why there is such that is called compromise. I can compromise for the the synergy of the greater good. I have done it before and I shall continue to do so. Maybe what I'm explaining here today is my own personality so that others may understand. What is that you say? I am a principled man following the narrow path that I have set forth. It is the only one I know about and the most reasonable for me. I shall allow for others to join me, but must and shall not push my standards onto others. I expect they shall understand who I am and I suspect that they shall understand me as well. I am a person of princples.

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Anonymous said...

A path is great and people might join you, but without compromise it won't last long; the path shrinks and you alone are the only one on it. :P