Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Morning Light

A ray cuts
Slices through
The darkness thick
Of a night deadly full

This tiny bright
Encounters with force
To begin the journey
For the day's course

A tiny bit
A little more
The deep abyss fades
Receding until no more

The brisk cold air
That shrouded the night
Leaves behind the dew
Of its morning last fight

Mine sight does see
The piercing beam
Through to the heart
Awake from the dream

Upon it is
A new daring day
Out from the east
Time to break for day

The warmth of the sun
Shatters the cold pane glass
It is the morning
The shine starts to amass

Time to forge ahead
Seeking the west
The morning sunlight
Beckons with its request

Ahead I will go
Into the shower
Cleansed by the light
Rejuvenated with power

The blessed illumination
Fulfilling in bountiful nutrients
A smile I am aroused
The sun provides and presents

Thus begins today
The full course of play
Strengthened I will go
Thanks to the morning light of day.

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