Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Season of Fall

The cold speaks
It catches my attention
As my toes creep out
From under the covers
It shudders and shocks
I want to get back in bed

The wind blows
Briskly and with force
Slapping my face
Answering with a howl
The window shakes
Rattling a roll

The clouds blanket
It is still dark outside
The sun is held hostage
No rising light to see
Feelings of night
Wanting to sleep

The leaves scatter
Falling lazily
Littering the ground
Crackle and pop
As I step over them
To bits and pieces

The rain drips
Drops a bucket
Splish and splash
Thunderous lightning
Causes the awe
The powerful jolt

The cold bites
The wind chills
The clouds darken
The leaves wave
The rain showers
This is the season of Fall

1 comment:

Chhaya said...

oh wow... almost cud feel that winter, though mumbai is way too hot this december.. lovely lines.

i posted a new poem.. have a look when u get time :)