Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Journey of My Lifetime

As I have come thus far
I look back at the past
An amazement twinkles
Grabs my attention
Beseeches my eyes
My life that was
And shall courageously be
A never-ending roller coaster
Steep and shallow
Surging higher still
Frightfully dropping below
Fruitfully climbing consistently
These ups and downs
Though I have not reached
The destination that is
The fate that I must lead
It is astonishing
By gracious goodness
That I might even envision
I have made it quite this far
In this unforeseen direction
It knocks me off my feet
Within and throughout
All those steps
One small step at a time
Would make a big impact
Through the discouragements
And the joyful exuberance
Angst and disdainful arguments
Voyages that tread on thin ice
Travels of humility
Meetings of all walks of life
I am living in the now
The journey I take
Towards my destination
Is what makes me
Forms my character
Fortifies my soul
Makes me the who I am
I would do it again
Just the same
This wonderful journey
The journey of my lifetime.

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