Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Runner Finally Learns the Rules of Basketball

As I move
From one side
Tossing and turning
To the the flip side

It is stiff
Numb and cold
This dull pain
Drags into the fold

Like a sore back
In need dearly
Of a good massage
It stings fiercely

As I get off the bed
It feels like a rock
Could be made of marble
Heavy as I pull over a sock

Trudging and bending down
I favor one side
Reminiscing of better days
As my shoes are tied

I feel almost immovable
Stuck like statue
Erratic and physically abrupt
Unnatural movement quite untrue

Discouragement ravishes the mind
Mannerisms of frustration
What a costly mistake
An action of bad consideration

Jumping up for the rebound
Landing and pushing off awkwardly
Not wearing the right shoes
I sprained my ankle forcefully

Now I will pay
Walking with a gimp
Instead of a straight line
I tread along with a limp.

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