Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rotten Apple

A bad apple
unruly and rotten
cannot be made true
should be forgotten

This bad apple
worms crawling about
must be left alone
nothing special to tout

It fell from the tree
not meant to be eaten
it chose to be devious
no need for the greetin'

Damn little apple
needs to be stepped upon
qualities of crap and trash
picked up at the curb at dawn

Continue to endear
the tactics of the rotten
you will too get sick
as well as be rotten

This forbidden fruit
needs to be left alone
to realize his illegitimacy
reaches to the core bone

Tend to his "whines"
you will definitely find
a trap was set
for you to be intertwined

Better to let the rotten
waste to the core
for true self renewal
a seed will newly bore

Then to eat the rotten apple
of cruel intentions
lose your true self
and fall into deceptions.

Dedicated to the rotten as they have fallen into deep despair due to their deception. I have always been sincere and true to the last drop, even putting myself before everybody else. I know I falter, but I own up to my mistakes like a "man." As a friend, you gain my full respect and trust, but if you ever sever those ties, especially in the corridors of the deceptive night, you must certainly leave my sight; forever lost is my unrequited loyalty to you. The foreseen consequences of your actions now comes to fruition. I have previously predicted this long ago, but the rotten ignore what is truth and now begins their downfall!

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