Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What Shall Come To Pass

What shall come to pass
Has reached the critical mass

Time to move on
Nothing to dwell upon

The ties that bind
Are no more, unkind

The doors of opportunity
No more it shall be

Believe me you may not
Taken lightly you will not

A firm decision
Has never reached revision

When I have left the scene
Never do I return to be seen

Time to go
The seed did not sow

I have come here but once
Never to look back an ounce

Time to jump ship
No return ticket for the trip

I am at fault
As it is also your fault

You pulled the final string
And that was my red alarm ring

I must go forward
Not to fall again backward

You made a decisive decision
Hurting me deep in divisive derision

And so I must make my cut
To get out of your stench and rut

What could have been
Now is never should have been

Your foul choices
Ignoring your inner voices

What a lack of mentality
Empty in maturity

Obviously you didn't care
What is naturally fair

My feelings tossed in the trash
Ripped up in a thrash

A pitiful defense of technicalities
Cannot quell the true realities

A trust is broken
A heart forsaken

What shall come to pass
Will come to pass.

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