Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Trust Defined

The ability to trust
Is a priceless gift
Given between one another
Not found at the price of a thrift

Trusting someone
A stranger at first glance
A partnership in business
Or love's penultimate dance

No matter the situation
Trust should be given
Freely and assuredly
For trust to be taken

It is like a seal of approval
A handshake at the table
An agreement that is bound
For us to be stable

We expect the other party
To catch our daunting fall
As such we also expect
To pick up their desperate call

Trust is like a bridge
The ties that bind
Over troubled waters
A rough diamond find

However if trust is ever broken
Shattered and destroyed
A battered bridge
Eventually is void

Connections are loose
Even disconnected
The untruthful truce
Results in war resurrected

Falsely brokered deals
Loosened and lost friendships
Destructive divorces
No more companionships

What is lost
Cannot be reclaimed
Too easily or swiftly
For a trust defamed

Thus easier to earn a trust
From the early get go
Then to earn it henceforth
After the final let go

Earning trust back
Is like trying to crawl out a pit
From six feet deep
Dead to the world you are illegit

Therefore trust is like a bond
It needs a treatment of royalty
Dare to break this covenant
You seek the loss of loyalty.

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