Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tonight's Poker Wisdom

The chips were stacked against you and the cards in your hand were crap, yet you pushed all in regardless. I was playing with house money; win or lose, I come up a winner or I didn't lose at all. That's that odds I play with when I play this poker game. Shame on you for pushing your luck when everybody knew your bluff from the start. Now you will pay it in full with your loss. The question that interests everybody at the table is: How much did you risk? Are you ready for such tough consequences? In direct opposition, I have no punishment. I have the prudence of heart, the stability of conscience and a morally principled lifestyle. Now we shall see if you have the foundation to stand against the fury of the storm. I have been through the storm, survived it and become stronger. I am grounded through the strength of my God, my family and my loyal friends. What do you have? Not even an inkling of support from your family and a barely trustworthy base of true friends to stabilize your fragile nature. The chips were stacked against your bluff; best you could do was to fold and cut your losses, improving your sanity and self-worth. Now you will pay and pay dearly you will. The rules of the game have never been broken and the consequences always severe. Never play with crap hands, never. Fold and cash your chips in.

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