Monday, March 03, 2008

Thought of the Night

Would you gamble with the loyalty and respect of some of the closest friends and family around you with a divisive risk?

I tell you what. I would not because for me, my family and friends are a direct extension of who I am. If I risk their solidarity with me, then I'm risking myself. The only time, I would even come close to doing so is that I know for sure quite pragmatically that I was making a risk for absolutely and unquestionably the "right cause" despite the plausible losses. I would have to make sure such a decision would guarantee success without regret, that after that decision, my closest allies would eventually support me. Only in that case, would I even dare try such a brash gamble. I would not dare lose the confidence and trust of my family and friends. They come before me always because I give them my loyalty and respect. Call me odd, but I am not selfish in this individualistic society. I would rather torture myself then to sever the ties of my extension. This philosophical trait of mine is in direct relation to my upbringing and beliefs. I believe the first shall be last and the last shall be first as it is paraphrased in the Bible. I stoop below others and in return I earn the undeniable trust and sincere honesty of family and friends. For me, such an ideal is more important then a cowardly, selfish risk that would sever such ties. The question now is, would you take that risk?

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