Saturday, March 01, 2008

I am who I am

Like a ticking clock
Surefooted in its ways
I believe in my own stock

The wild forces of nature
Cannot devour what is
My inner core stature

Lost I cannot be
The narrow path is straight
Lost I will not be

I seek the greater good
Of patience and humility
That is what I want understood

Obstacles can force me away
Whether minor or major
I will not be lead astray

What you get with me
Is a human being unique
Steadfast never to flee

I do not look for fame
I aim for character
Thats my claim to fame

A character with heart
Empathy and care
Is where I start

A friend and confidante
Loyal towards the end
Solid and staunch

Call me boring
My path of the narrows
In the end I shall be soaring

I do not seek to be special
I may be odd against the grain
Nonetheless never to be special

Do not get me wrong
I am not perfect
My failings make me wrong

I can be stubborn
Patience overarching
Extreme to a scorn

When it comes to a fight
I am ill and weak
I cower in the night

The lines of communications
Can be a cause of confusion
Unclear in my delusions

But these errors make me
The person standing invariably
Indeed a human to a tee

It keeps me grounded
Walking that narrow road
That is how I am founded

Day after day
In the sun and rain
I will go my way

I am who I am
Walking fowards
I am who I am.

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