Friday, February 29, 2008

The High Road

In terms of consequences
For the rendered actions
I shall not take the easy road
For easy satisfactions

And so should you too
To not learn anything
Expecting an easy escape
Instead you should learn something

For me to just "hate"
And quickly dissipate
Means nothing is learned
Doom is our fate

For change to happen
We must understand
The consequences of our actions
To make a better stand

We must care for our lives
Deal with our actions
And the resulting outcome
To heal the fractions

You must take the high road
The one of morality
Of common sense
To reach a positive reality

To expect the results
To resolve themselves
Means change is non-existant
A dusty book on the shelves

Change comes from within
To read between the line
Accept the pain
Change will be sublime

It cannot happen quickly
It may take years
Better for us to move forwards
Then to be stuck in the tears

Life is only but a moment
We should take the high road
Four our sake for it will be better
Wisdom is the true gold

The edge of the world
On the forefront of change
Improving and succeeding
Due to our change

Therefore I shall make a change
And it should always be
I shall take that high road
Because I want to be free.

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