Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Is the question
That perplexes my mind
To teach me perhaps a lesson

I do not understand
Nor comprehend
The damage caused
The pain I am condemned

Such a friend
That was a love
Would choose this trend

Choices have been made
Whether well thought out
Or Ill-mannered decided
To follow that route

I am confused
Devastated and destroyed
Sadness ensues
Is it time to be deployed

Technicalities acted on
Feelings misinterpreted
I feel like I was conned

Reeks my mind
Overbearing and Overriding
Those feelings that were kind

The decisions were awful
The naive trail
The lack of knowledge
Has it doomed for us to fail

Is this the point
Never to return
That you seek
To make it firm

A multitude of questions
Race round and round in my head
What is the learned lesson

I surely am in disbelief
To predict the intention
But I know this much
Decidedly hurt is my convention

Some days I pretend
The pain is gone I confirm
Other days I'm no so confident
The knife is stuck firm

My heart hurts
Assuredly it is dazed
Sadness creeps and seeps inward
Confused, distraught and fazed

The question lurks in the mind
Did you choose such a direction
Of a road broken, dissented and unkind.

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