Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hero of the Day

I aim for humility and ask to be recognized only by what my works have to say. I need not to praise myself because there are others who are obviously better than me, but I am grateful for what I have done so far. I would not like to brag or exaggerate about my accomplishments because I need to only please one person on that issue and that is me. Thus my quiet sense of self worth. Others may scowl or be demeaning to me and my abilities, but they fail to see that even through my struggles I make it out on top and my body of work is all that is necessary as proof. Jealousy and rage my be pitted against me, but my efficiency and self-motivation are the comforts that buffer me against those baseless claims. I am who I am and nobody will keep me off-kilter even when the sky is dark and I walk in the barren wasteland. The sun will rise and the green grass will always grow again.

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