Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Right, Left and Center

John McCain is too liberal for the core conservative Republicans while Barack Obama is viewed as conservative Democratic courting Republican voters that those voters are called by the nickname Obama-cans. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is trying to be viewed as strong not only in the economy, but also in terms of national security which is generally viewed as a Republican ideal. What does this all mean? That like me, a moderate, most Americans tend to be in the center of the political spectrum and that minor differences filter us into the groups known as Conservative Democrats, Independents and Moderate Republicans. This group of Americans are also known as the swing voters, the king-makers per say of the presidential election. This group of Americans are technically the most powerful group in the political system by virtue their numbers, however partisan politics split their power up. This group of voters should break away from their respective groups and form a new party, a moderate party, to reflect more accurately the current affairs of the American nation. Though I doubt this would ever happen, it definitely is quite an interesting thought experiment. What would happen? Where would be be? Maybe the state of America as a whole would be better off if it did. One day it might happen and I definitely would be on the front lines of this revolution. You never know. All it takes is a change of the hearts and minds of people. I am sure I am not the only one thinking of this change and possibly we could forge a new party in this political system of ours that better represents America's attitude and majority.

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