Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The State of Me

Likewise the state of the union
I would like to address my state
What the current affairs are
Of my well being:

As it was in 2007
It will apparently continue in 2008
The fragile state of my nation
Continues to delve deeper into darkness

The confusion and complexities
Will be more cluttered then before
A simple wish to have an even simpler life
Lingers and dangles on a sliver of hope

The reconfiguration of me
Hits yet another roadblock
A storm seen on the horizon
Finally comes onto shore

The foresight of keen eyes
Cannot prepare for nor contain
The fury and backlash
Of such a fierce some storm

Sometimes the consequence is foretold
Predetermined from past actions
This one hits from the blind side
And all one can do is react

The wind beneath my sail
Has disappeared in a flash
Just when I was to escape
The dreaded triangle

Now the spider's web
Has caught me whole
Only thing left
Is to prepare for the undue

The pieces of my heart
Already broken and scattered
A thousand fold like specs in the sand
Is further crushed infinitely

I have no idea
I know no course
No where to steer
Full of fear

I am disappointed quite surely
Maybe I deserve this
Such an odd sense of karma
Cold and colder

The candlelight in the wind
Flutters and flickers
No such light can fight
The force of this mighty storm

Are my hopes dashed
Is this the end
A Point of no return
Of which I fear dearly

I don't know exactly
What the future holds
I must be strong
My path be narrow

Like a tightrope
The line I walk
The high road
Is mere inches from a drop

I will do what is right
I shall pick up the pieces
Be on my way
To where I know not

I trust in the hands of God
Of where he leads
Shall be what I seek
This strange path

I shall be meek
The truth I shall speak
Humility I seek
Out of the picture I will be

Under the cover of night
The underground railroad
Will take me to freedom
The storm cannot last forever

After the rain and thunder
The sun will shine again
I will be there
As shall we all be

The current affairs
Of myself
Of who I am
And who I intend to be

Can be summarized as this:
Broken-hearted wholly
Disenchanted thoroughly
Yet clinging to hope tightly

Thus ends here
My current affairs
An address of my well being
The state of me.

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