Friday, February 08, 2008

The Fallout

Thus begins the end
The explosion is severe
No way to block or fend
Your worst fear

The situation has come
To a nuclear resolution
All the addition leads to this sum
Only one solution

And thus begins the end
I shall not fight
What I have left to tend
My welfare is now my fight

The chips were stacked
I must turn away
I was sacked
In dire need to get away

I have been naive
Never getting far
Never able to please
Now I must get far

However the consequences
Are far and wide
The mending of fences
Uncertain to confide

I am the first victim
Surely not the last
I may lose a limb
From this blast

But the fallout
With its collateral damage
Will be a messy fall out
No reputation to salvage

I predict this nuclear storm
Will encompass its victims whole
Losing the mind's form
And the heart's soul

With mine character intact
Ready to clear the debris
I rediscover the true tract
On my way I flee

And thus begins the end
The fallout ensues
I will be gone from this end
To another end anew

I can't guarantee the same
For others' plight
I am not the blame
They failed to see with their sight

Logic and reason
A premonition
Sees the foul liaison
The trap condition

I will not be caught in it
I shall return to my root
To where I'm better fit
As you give me the boot

The fallout shall ensue
That I can guarantee
The nuclear bomb blew
I have left already

Others did not see
What I saw in a dream
I will not be
A folly in other's eyes seen

It is a falling out
This destructive force
The nuclear fall out
Has set its course

All are affected
Backup Plan B
The pain is disconnected
The retreat is to be:

I shall disappear into the isolated parts of the mind,
discover the coldest parts of the soul,
barricade myself in this solitary and solemn shelter.
The beginning of the end
Is not only an ideal but a reality.
I will hibernate,
become numb and be asleep
as the fallout claims its victims.
To awake anew, afresh
and with strong conviction.
I will return to reclaim my sanity
and my savvy
as I move forward
not to look back
at the devastation
focusing my attention
to the delightfully bright sun
on this new day.

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