Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"The hits keep on coming, but I keep on running!"

Whatever life throws at me or you or all of us, its important to keep on moving! When we stop, we let life pass us by and I'm sure I've let some time slip by this past year. However, the time is now and change has come upon us. We must grab onto life by its proverbial horns! Carpe diem! Seize the day, just as it first dawned on me in Dead Poets Society! I had strayed from this path, but now is the time to seize our opportunities, to return to the who we are. If not now, then it will never happen. The pinnacle of my self being is now when the body and mind are full of energy. My responsibility and maturity has grown steadily. Now its time to focus all of myself and spring it forward toward positivity! Its time to take control. I am going to where I was always meant to be. Me, myself and I, we three shall conquer all the obstacles on our way. Now is the time for change and it begins with me. I will not stop and I will not lose. You better catch the express train because now begins the period one may think unimaginable, but in reality, any thing can happen if you have the drive and want for what you seek! This change I seek shall change my life forever! I shall fall, but I will never stay down for long. I will keep running the race of my life all the way to the finish line. I may not be first my your standards, but at the end of the day, I will show you what matters most: To never give up and never give in because the day we do that, we lost the who we are within. I shall run till the day I pass from this earth. The question is: Will you be running as well or will the obstacles leave you in the dust?

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