Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Heart That Yearns

A heart yearns
for a new day
where the pain
dissipates into thin air

A heart yearns
for a new beginning
an inward revival
a sense of worth

A heart yearns
for joy and comfort
of the beloved arms
wrapping you close

A heart yearns
of strength renewed
to carry the load
the task at hand

A heart yearns
for the change
to take and behold
to overcome challenges

A heart yearns
for the truth
the fact of the matter
the clarity of sight

This is the day
I change forever
the fortunes of tomorrow
this very day

All my fears
All the qualms
All the pain
A heart yearns

The rebirth of me
the stability of foundation
the courage to risk
to love within again

The parting of stormy clouds
the calming of rough seas
focus and determination
clears up the foggy night

A heart that once yearned
for a better day
crossing the threshold
ceases to exist today

Today is the day
to eradicate what was
helpless and destructive
A heart that yearns.

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