Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Hidden Truth

Hidden from plain view
A plan is hatched
Rather clumsily and crude
Of the truth to be enclosed

Where do you hide it
How can it be covered
In a covert manner
Underneath and smothered

The best way
In keenest sense
Is to hide it in plain view
Seems to make sense

Under the pretense
Of the friendship so-called
Lies a deeper secret
Long ago discovered

But the truth
Will always shine through
Like a flashlight in the dark
I am no fool

The desires and wants
I see the conflicts
That haunt the night
Of ladened interests

What is hidden
Or thought that of
Is seen quite clearly
You cannot cover

These plans of deceit
Sooner or later
Will fall into misery
I've seen much sooner

The fact of the matter
Definitely transparent surely
Why you hide the truth
When I can see it purely

I see the fox's image
Under the sheep's wool
The dark spectacle
Under the shoe

All that is done
With the hiding
You are digging deeper
With the credibility sliding

The hidden truth
Needs no longer to lie
But needs the light of day
To soar your spirit high

The truth you hide
Will be set free
Whether or not
It is allowed voluntarily

Better to make conscious
The truth which was hidden
Otherwise bear the consequences
A heart on the brink of fission

The choice is yours
To set freely forth
Or disturbingly lay out
The hidden truth.

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