Tuesday, January 01, 2008


My wounds I feel
Cut deeply into the soul
Blood flows vigorously
My body takes a toll

Depression and despair
Over the blood lost
Bandages and stitches needed
For alleviation of cost

This chronic pain
Arthritic in nature
Destroys my mood
Corrodes the inner structure

The wounds stay open
In a critical state
The bleeding cannot stop
Self-determining fate

These wounds I must close
Stitch the fabric of my life
Pull the sanity together
Fight against this strife

However there is doubt
My fate is sealed
I will be in the ICU
comatose and sacked

The sullen reality
Melancholy sets in
I feel completely lost
Helpless to the wind

My hearts fails
My mind is weakened
These unbearable wounds
I cannot mend

The world grows cold
I go into failure
My sorrowful outlook
Bleeds to the deepest layer

All that I am
A shadow on the wall
Lonely and sad
Ready to take the last fall

These wounds that cut me
That bleed intensely
Kill the optimism
Hurt me immensely

Ready to be buried
My wounds inundate me
This is a lost cause
The certificate gives its decree.

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