Friday, November 09, 2007


God gives mercy to those who seek it, even to those who don't deserve for the crimes they have committed. He is almighty and powerful, yet merciful. All that is necessary for us to receive His forgiving grace is for us to be truly repentant. Though we falter and fail at times, we can pick ourselves up through God's mercy. Along the same lines, we as people using God as a model, should be merciful to others, forgiving them of the wrongs that have been done against us, whether inadvertantly or with malicious intent. We should see every person as God, because we are told to treat others as if we were in the face of the Almighty, for he shall repay us with His mercy. To be merciful to a person that has wronged us is one of the most difficult tasks one can accomplish, but if Jesus died for all our wrongs, we can at least follow in His steps a small bit by being forgiving of others. I seek to be merciful. I seek to be forgiving. I know the road is tough and harsh, but it is the road I must take to attain mercy. I forgive thee that has causes painful strife in me. I seek to mend the wounds and gashes that I have afflicted upon you. Mercy is what I seek and mercy I shall give.

These words I put down are of the result of my deep meditation, of my inner thought process, of what I believe mercy should be. Though not as polished as I might want this work to be, because of the inherent errors in the writing, it shows a profoundly human aspect, one that is imperfect. It is through the imperfection that I may effect a message that can be taken seriously and with deep consideration as if I were talking to you as a friend rather then from the perspective as a preacher condescendingly relaying this message to his congregation in some instances. You would absorb and take the message more clearly from a friend you respect then a teacher you do not care about. I hope you take the message of mercy and can apply it to your life. Though I cannot say that I can do this without faltering steps, I try to get up and carry this cross again rather then quit. The message is, to be merciful always and just maybe someone will be forgiving of you as well; without a doubt God will be merciful for doing so.

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