Wednesday, October 24, 2007

When Reality Hits

When the fun is over
Are you ready to return
To that what is
Reality that hits very firm

Hopefully when it does
You'll know what to do
Have a contingency plan
So no difficult situations to mull

When the roller coaster
Hits its halting end
Where will you be
What life will you tend

Will you let it pass you by
As you escape in fun
The sullen reality
soaked and drunken

When the pain of the hangover
Awakes you from dreamy slumber
What will you do
Can you onward lumber

Or was there a plan at all
When you crash on land
No backup plan
As you sob on the sand

What really should be
The point of life
Is to make forward progress
Without too much strife

You should make life fun
As like when you dream
But unlike the slumber you seek
Improvement, goals reached, you gleam

Escape from reality
Is not unnecessarily a problem
When that becomes the reality
Thats where you have a problem

When reality hits
Will you still have fun
Or will you cower in insolance
Not put the necessary work in

A call for you
A call for all
Hopefully when reality hits
You shall not stutter, stagger and fall.

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