Saturday, November 17, 2007


I am thankful
From the particularly minute
To the mega-monstrosities
I cannot refute

The joyous highs
That soar on eagle's wings
To the sorrowful lows
With bow and arrow slings

I am thankful
Of it all, nevertheless
Through and through
Even the uninvited fuss

I am thankful for life
The mysteries bountiful
Successes unfathomable
And disasters unmerciful

Without the sorrows
And painful shearing
The joys become meaningless
Life would be utmost boring

The pitfalls and losses
Strengthen the mind
So that ultimate success
Makes life sublime

It resonates strongly
With a life well-lived
Excitement and depression
Marks a real life lived

Therefore I'm thankful
For life all-encompassing
For all the good and bad
I give much thanksgiving.

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