Monday, October 15, 2007

Internal Affairs

A scrutinizing look
at the foundations throughout
the structure of myself
reveals a cracked foundation
a well-worn support
and a rusty framework
that is at any moment
ready to fall upon itself

The cosmetic picture
that covers the outside
seems neatly kept
organized finely
and the smile seems
oh so friendly
without a care in the world

However the structure beneath
can fall now at a moment's notice
taking that fashionable laugh
that giggling joy
and the bubbling false warmth
upside down
and over the cliff

Internally the affairs
are at a disarray
with only one true hope
holding on firmly and with a hard grasp
like a faint light
at the end of the tunnel
to soothe the nightmare that is

The hope of love
that pain should have never come
to such dire straits
but I am to take part in that blame
for ill-conceived communication
belligerent action
that leads to my destruction

I must rebuild
start anew
to prove to You
what I have always believed
that internal affairs has proven
through deep investigation
that I still love you

The consequences I bear
are mine so fair
my failings have lead me here
I must walk in the mist of darkness
through the shameful tunnel
looking deeply crucially
for that sparing light to ease the pain
for that one true love
I believe that will be present
waiting for me in my transformation
of my internal affairs.

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Mara said...

People should read this.