Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ramifications Are Such

whether pursued
or laid upon
have been made
will make an impact
that be positive
or negative
only time will tell

One thing of note
something very sure
it provides a stepping stone
a forum upon to move
forward or backward
moving out of the shadows
or retracing steps mistaken

Most decisions
will lead to ramifications
these consequences
we shall learn
the joys of good choice
and the sorrows of wrong decisions

Take heart
because that is how one grows
sprouts new leaves
to overcome those stumps
for progress
higher and higher
to better heights

If steps are mistaken
usually and quite often
reason will lead us back
to the right path
even though
the sorrows seem hopeless

Thats why there is change
the final conclusion of choice
of the decisions we make
the ramifications are such.

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