Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The lonely road not taken

As previously, exquisitely described
Famously by a poet who once wrote
Too I come to the crossroads
Paths that differ in ways provocative

One path is wide open, well-kept
The road is paved neatly, well-lit
Well trodden and surrounded
On the side by roses beautifully

The other road is narrow, un-kept
Unclearly known to where it leads
The clarity of the endpoint is undiscovered
The wildflowers grow over the path

Which do I choose?
The clear cut path to success?
The lonely road not taken?
The decision seems apparently simple

I shall choose the narrow path
The difficult one people rarely try
I am a trailblazer, unsurprisingly
I'll learn on the fly, my will withstands

My mind is set on the journey
A change is in order for good
I am willing to try for the better
I will cut a new path to enlightenment

Why take the lonely road not taken?
Because I am me, I am who I am
To clearly state what that poet, Robert Frost, said:
"And that has made all the difference."

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