Sunday, August 05, 2007

To be lonely...

Loneliness is a dark path
Rarely trodden and seldom used
It is a road for the for the singular
Walking alone in deep discord

The mist and fog in the air
Make the journey barely visible
The tree branches block the sunlight
Swallowed in the forest I am invisible

The quiet deadening damp air
Makes my state of mind very clear
I walk hand in hand
With no one in fear

However there is some good
To my spiritual plight
I find myself again, the me
Always there but in blind sight

In deep contemplation
I realize a long lost truth
Hidden and buried
Now found since my early youth

To be lonely
Is a trademark of me
I am a nonconforming trailblazer
This path will set me free

I am not of normalcy
This life is not my finality
I cut a new path
The makeup of my consistency

I am duly required, mandated
In this lonely life
By God to struggle for good
As a single entity in that daily strife.

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