Saturday, August 04, 2007

Unintended Consequences

The decisions that hurt the most
Are sometimes the one executed
With the best intention
Resulting in consequences unintended

When a rose blooms
Brightly, vibrantly in the warm spring air
Is it the flower's intention to wither away
In the cold autumn season so bare

Likewise in quite a similar fashion
When love's roots grows within us
We expect the tender loving care
That warms the heart in us, joyous

Never do we intend to hurt
Nor do we want to cause harm
However sometimes relationships
End up far less then a lucky charm

Do we mean for it to end
To want sadness and sorrow
Obviously this was not the vision
That makes my life hollow

If I could tell the future
Foresee the road ahead
Find out that a bridge was out
This road's course I would not tread

Unfortunately there is no crystal ball
Fortunetelling does not exist, no sixth sense
For the decisions of best intention
That may lead to an unintended consequence

A love I once had fervently
With the warmth of a ferocious fire
By each our own faults divisively
Our relationship ended due to lack of desire

If the consequences of that decision
Was to end the constant hampering of love
Then that too would have been honorable
However the pain lingers because of love

The love that started as a match-lit spark
That grew to become a full fire of fervor
Flew and blew by precariously
Resulting in much pain and horror

This is not the design I signed up for
I did not intend for such a consequence
When I entered in for a loving relationship
That would lead to this type of life sequence

Even with all the best intention
To stop the havoc and bludgeoning
The pain is still bare and raw
Not seen on the surface, but internally bleeding

Why do you say this still happens?
Because of love's continued existence
Who knew a spark would have such an effect
An unintended consequence.

Written on August 4th, 2007 as a dedication and a realization.

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