Monday, August 06, 2007

The Fallen Soldier

I am the fallen soldier
wounded in the battlefield hard fought
debilitating the injury is indeed
but help I can do without nor sought

Though the fangs are sunken deep
the world must go on living
I need no help from the medi-vac
the pain is not that devastating

Please pass on by
I am not considerate of the cause
other people are more worthy
for me you shall not pause

I will get back on my feet
stubborn and forthright
please hold those tears back
I shall be back under my might

I may have fallen
I should not be counted out
there is no room for sadness
so don't shed a tear or pout

A battle may have been lost
I may be wounded full of scars
A fallen soldier that needs no help
I will be back to win all the wars.

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