Friday, August 10, 2007

No Man's Land

I heard a term today that I have not heard about in several years. The term is "no man's land." In tennis it is designated as the area between the baseline and the service box where as a player, you do not want to get caught in. Behind the baseline you can hit a good forehand/backhand. At the net, you can hit a good volley. However, in "no man's land," you can do neither. Generally, when you get suck there, you lend yourself to get a crappy shot setting your opponent to crush you. Carrying that analogy over to life, this is definitely how I feel at this current moment in time. I do not know where I am going and where I want to even be, especially in terms of love and relations. A part of me is frustrated and dejected over a lost of a relationship. The other part of me is confused whether I would want to be in love again. Being between this type of "rock and a hard place" can do me no good. I am sure the same is true for anyone else. What am I to do? One thing is to continue doing what you are decent at, which is my career. I'm not the best at it and there is always room to improve. However, science is relatively straightforward. It'll keep my mind off of things for awhile, but surely, these thoughts will creep into my mind. Again, what am I to do in this type of scenario. I guess I'll do what I've always done, figuratively, to ride the wave wherever it takes me. 10 years ago, if you said that I was going to be a Ph.D. candidate, I'd be flabbergasted and definitely in denial. However, I rode the wave of life and here I am just as I never thought I would be. No man's land is no fun and this my current situation. Wish me luck.

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